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Default You say the "Best rr photos on the net" ?

Well I've been away for the most of the year and had a second to look at some pictures today and see the screening process continues to muddy the waters in what is accepted and not!? Good grieve I saw this photo in the top of the day views and how did this get accepted. Sorry for using yours Alex, but having over 800 photos in the database your experience should be telling you this is a shot that should of got the "foreground clutter" at the minimum and have been kept for personnel use IMO. Seeing you have a drone, taking from the other side with just a tree would've been a bit better but still sometimes you just have to draw the line.

Image © Alex Gillman
PhotoID: 718049
Photograph © Alex Gillman

It just reiterates to the many photogs that have left the site for various reasons (some for the irrational rejections) that the statement "The best railroad photos on the net" is applied rather loosely. Many have kept much better quality and composed shots from the viewing public that were rejected by the screeners here and to see one that highlights light posts does nothing to ease hard feelings by many, lol. Oh well, time goes on and yes it's their site but live up to the title a bit as the debate will live on .

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