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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
The bar for aerial photo acceptance here is quite low. Tons of views from curiosity or campaigning, and only ounces of likes for the majority of them.

Loyd L.
Loyd, I know the bar is a bit lax but you need to have a bar set period and I know you've been here long enough to understand that, lol. It's laughable and does no good for the sites integrity when the parameters set allow shots (many as we know over the years) that shouldn't even get a sniff of acceptance.

Also, I agree with Doug as many shots of no special merit have bloated view counts from some computer viewer, link mania or other factors.

Like I said previous, drone or not the photog needs to get creative with the obstacles given or just keep the shot for their own files if it doesn't measure up. Then there is the photog gets a automatic pass thought. Screening process=one of the great unsolved mysteries !

Keep shooting, Rich

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