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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
I am not negative about drones as much as the way most RP contributors use them. I follow folks on Flickr who use their drones in a manner that is more consistent with the way I (and presumably Kevin, if the subjects were steam) envision their usage. There may be a few other flaws that you can cite in these photos, but composition and visual appeal are not among them. A few examples:
Todd Novak is probably one of the best out there using a drone right now and very much an inspiration. While I mostly agree with the statements about "not operating at the maximum height" I think it's use is grossly exaggerated in these forums. On one hand, it takes a lot of flight experience to get comfortable to operate at lower altitudes, often requiring flying over something like wires/trees and then descending to the desired height for the photo. On the other hand, I personally think there are some scenes are better photographed from a higher altitude. Not as high as some contributors here use regularly though. Overall, I think there is a balance between this idea that the only ways to use a drone are "as an overpass" or "at the 400 ft max" and that is where the best photos can come from.
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