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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
Sounds rather draconian!
But what is the typical outcome if one is caught trespassing there?
If they get caught by a train it can be rather bad. I hope that this thread can now get back on track. This might help... OK it's not that sunny but there the sun is never right for a train. I had a another shot in same area with less light accepted years ago receiving good response:

Years ago, I would re-submit after a few months and often photo would be accepted with no further editing. Others have been resubmitted with very minor tweaks that wouldn't even be discerned by a viewer such as with this one: Most of these photos are received as well as photos never rejected.

It seems to be more often we are seeing rejected images that the consensus in this forum is that they should have been accepted then are accepted after maybe some minor tweaks to receive the response they deserve. It does now seem that the photo screening preferences are getting too picky for many of us. That's driving away contributors and viewers instead of attracting them.

A footnote, in the context of the subject of this thread, is that a lot, if not most, of the most popular photos I have on this site could have been rejected and many were. If that is common-place, there should be more concern about photos not allowed in than the few that we wonder how they got through. I know virtually all newbie photo up-loaders from this country quickly gave up and RP reputation is actually tarnished here rather than enhanced.

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