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A couple of my impressions....

I agree with the folks who said the tram photo is cropped too tightly. European cities often have tons more character than what we see in the US, so I'd be totally in favor of shooting that scene wider, and giving the viewer something besides the tram to enjoy. In most cases, I'm not a fan of in-your-face photography when it comes to trains.

WRT the lighting, my impression is that yes, the sun was likely visible, but it was likely also filtered by a layer of cirrus clouds. It's like putting a big ND filter on the sun. It ain't the same as full sunlight. That said, it beats the crap out of a dull, grey overcast in January. I think that such lighting can be processed to look decent, and I think that adding some additional scenery would up the interest level of that photo significantly.

BTW, I'll second (third, fourth) what others have said about quality over quantity when it comes to posting images here. As an old-timer here, I have something more than 2,000 images on the a rate of perhaps 5 or 6 a week. I theoretically have 10 upload slots, but you'll virtually never see anything like that from me. The two things I consider most important when posting here are: Quality and Variety, in that order. If the quality suffers, or the images start to all look the same over time, the audience gets bored and moves on. Just my $.02.

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