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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
I mentioned earlier in this thread a peeve on mine, is accepted photos with no description. This accepted shot caught my eye and while I still like the shot, I am left somewhat disappointed once again. Here we have an interesting shot and I have not idea what else is going on...
Here are the questions that automatically popped into my mind at first glance;
1.) Why does the lead loco have such a smaller tender (if any) than the trailing loco?

2.) What type of cars are they pulling / What is in them?

3.) Since it's a late afternoon fall shot, the fields appear to have been planted with winter grass to control erosion. Am I correct? If so what was the summer crop?

Image © Fabrice Lanoue
PhotoID: 734876
Photograph © Fabrice Lanoue
I caption all my photos posted online but have never thought about including such information, which in most cases might be unknown unless obvious or common local knowledge. The lack of captions could be due to high rejection rates here for foreign train photography. I only submit one photo at a time now due to the inability to simply re-submit a rejected image after correction with all the data fields preserved. I was getting so many multiple rejections at one stage I thought of adding caption info later but realized that, due to time zones, many folks would see the photo before I could add a caption. A caption will increase interest and views (if only to read all of it LOL.) I have been asked quite a few questions about details in my photos here through comments or member contact. Often I don't know the answer and I then post the question in Facebook groups to find the answer. I find the RP community at large very good at answering my questions on photos too (which I might add is usually using English as second language.) In this photo the wagons usually carry coal but are likely empty for what I presume is a photo freight. I would be most interested if freight is being steam hauled nowadays! The caption info should explain why a special is running and who owns the locomotives or other rolling stock. That honors the hard work put in by organizers for such trips and helps viewers find out more about their activities.

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