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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
I mentioned earlier in this thread a peeve on mine, is accepted photos with no description. This accepted shot caught my eye and while I still like the shot, I am left somewhat disappointed once again. Here we have an interesting shot and I have not idea what else is going on (other than the obvious of two steamers rolling the country side). Now to some people the answers to my questions below may be obvious but to those of us whose knowledge base of railroading is still growing, we are left emptied handed. Maybe the poster doesn't now either or maybe there is a language barrier since the poster is from France. If language is an issue, post it in your langue and I will copy and paste to an online translator even if the conversion is not completely correct, at least I may have some answers to my questions and have a better knowledge of what was going on when the photographer took the pic.

Here are the questions that automatically popped into my mind at first glance;
1.) Why does the lead loco have such a smaller tender (if any) than the trailing loco?

2.) What type of cars are they pulling / What is in them?

3.) Since it's a late afternoon fall shot, the fields appear to have been planted with winter grass to control erosion. Am I correct? If so what was the summer crop?

Again, these may seem trivial or obvious questions/answers but there are people who do not know. Complete your masterpiece by giving me a story and a reason to visit you part of the world or as us ole coutry boys would say, "Your neck of the woods".

While I wouldn't have thought to necessarily answer the questions you posed, a good caption can often be a good starting point to either ask the photographer or do addtional research on your own.

With so much of this hobby revolving around history and documentation, I never understood why some photographers feel there is no need for any caption, or worse, a caption that offers no information whatsoever like is common on some other platforms.
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