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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Ever notice how virtually everything this photographer posts goes straight to To24, and typically within a few hours?

Image © Dave Schauer
PhotoID: 735737
Photograph © Dave Schauer

He is quietly one of the most prolific linkers here.... He kicks KB's butt down the road.

Unfortunately, folks like this are basically telling the rest of us: "Excuse me, ya'll need to get out of the way, because I belong at the front."
I never took notice! I checked his photos and sure enough, he has an impressive running of top shots. Of his last 45 posted shots, only 13 of them were under 10k views (of those 13, all but 1 was in the 5k to 9k range) . Granted his shots are different to look at and a lot of those shots are not your typical wedge but 10k plus views on 32 plus shots?? Things that make you go hummmmm..........
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