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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
He can generate as many views as he likes with his social media linking campaign, and I fully understand that RP's advertisers benefit from those linked views. No issues. I just don't think that a ton of FB views should make it look as if all of his shots are the most popular of the day on THIS site.....and I think it is rude of him and others like him to basically muscle all other RP contributors aside simply because he can.

Linked views should not count toward least in my humble opinion.
Originally Posted by Joseph Cermak View Post
It's a crazy amount of views he gets. Even when something of mine gets to TO24, it's almost always sub 5K views when all is said and done.
Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
Ditto Kevin. How about it admin? This has been a discussion on here many a times. Make your money but filter the linked shot count out of the To24. Is that possible??
Deaf ears aren't likely to get better. Between the four of us, we have generated over 19,250,000 views for this site. That should count for something.
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