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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
So it seems like some of you folks wish there was a bottom shot of the day along with th top shot. I never understood the problem you folks have with linking shots to Facebook. I always thought the goal was for people to actually SEE your work, but maybe I am wrong.
I'm not looking for a bottom shot of the day for sure. I post my pics here on RP because its a Railroad website and that is the crowd/feed back I want and am trying to reach. I also post here for preserving RR history. I dont use FB or any other social media and what I have seen of FB from family and friends is that there is no way to search for stuff. To me FB is a site about "Me" and then you get people to follow you and take interest in "me". So naturally they see you post a pic, click and say oh cool or whatever... the Pic is not about the subject but more about who took it. When I signed up to RP, I used a handle rather than my real name as I wanted people to appreciate the photo content for what it was and not the person that took it. The other problem with FB or other social links is - I dont believe that crowd (FB example) is actually taking the time to view the rest of the photo's here on RP. With that said the "True" numbers are distorted in terms of actual RP views, which is the crowd I am trying to reach. If I wanted more people to see "My" work, then I would go more public with it and then its not about the subject matter but rather the photographer. So while linking it may be a way for RP to pay the bills, I still would like to see the view feature they disabled, enabled again. Then we would all know what we wanted to know and move on to other subjects to discuss here on the forums.

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