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Originally Posted by CNW4404
It can also be used as a reference to a "fusee," commonly known as a roadside flare. Crews use them at night to guard unprotected crossings.
A fusee and a Torpedo are two very different things...a fusee is great for lighting your cigarette, but wont blow fingers off your hand

The shortlines I worked for never really had a use for torpedos, but we did seem to have a handy supply of them.. They are basicly just a few onces of black powder with a pressure detanator on top, with a cardboard outer shell. Not really that dangerous just setting around, but I wouldnt go smacking one with a hammer. Most major RR's have outlawed thier use now (NS for one) as they are really not the useful when you stack them up aganst all of the modern day safety devices...

Oh yea..they are rather fun to shoot at....take some wire or fishing line and hang a few up between two trees or gate post and have some target practice.....
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