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Originally Posted by Ron Flanary View Post
It's a great shot....and they should have accepted it. This is a case of not being able to see the forest for the trees....
Thanks for your opinion Ron and I totally agree with your assessment of the screeners view on this and other shots that stay hidden. The satisfaction that viewers like yourself and many others get in seeing photos like this keep giving me reason to get shots like this seen but the end result is pushing me away.

The screeners control what is seen on the site and the bottom line is not all RR related shots fit their criteria and to me the viewers and contributors suffer and frankly get turned off. Some of my most viewed shots were rejected for odd reasons and after time I resubmitted a few and all were accepted and enjoyed by many viewing. Problem is many more are now buried in my queue of priority things to do and may stay hidden and I'm sure plenty of other member's shots are dealt the same fate.

They may think it's "The BEST railroad photos on the net" but how about the best and most complete? People think that "wedgies are mundane but it seems they're chosen over other options.

Variety is the spice of life , Rich
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