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Default 3x the GSMR

I haven't posted to the forums in quite awhile and I haven't attempted to add a pic to RP in even longer. The addition of a girlfriend and a full time job has made railfanning quite difficult. However I have made sure to make time for my favorite place on Earth. Since late 2015, I have ridden the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad 7 times. 5 of those times have been behind the recently restored 1702 and 3 of those have been on photo specials.

My photography has not been practiced as much as it should be but I have taken a few photos on my trips. Not the best but good enough for me and my memories. I've made it a priority to enjoy my favorite locomotive and area of the country and not look at them through a viewfinder as much. However, here are some of the pics I have gotten:

Ferguson Runby

Whittier Runby #2

1702 and Kudzu

Fontana Lake

EDIT: After posting, I even made one to RP:

Image © Derek Stewart
PhotoID: 632548
Photograph © Derek Stewart


Out Of Place Album

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