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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Can you explain what this bridge plate is? And how does this "bridge the gap" (metaphorically speaking, of course)?
Originally Posted by ns3010 View Post
Actually, it literally bridges the gap.
I'm sure you've heard the phrase "Watch the Gap," referring to the space between the train and the platform.
The bridge plate is laid on the ground, eliminating this gap. It helps handicapped people when boarding the train, since they would normally get stuck in the gap.
If you are going to tell a story, you need the elements of the story in there. You do not have a bridge plate in the shot. You have a fairly small part of a generic metal cabinet in the corner of your shot - or maybe it is a small part of the actual bridge plate, but it sure looks like just a metal cabinet. There is nothing in there that says "bridge plate" in any way, much less expressing the idea of a gap or a bridging of one.

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