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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
If you are going to tell a story, you need the elements of the story in there. You do not have a bridge plate in the shot. You have a fairly small part of a generic metal cabinet in the corner of your shot - or maybe it is a small part of the actual bridge plate, but it sure looks like just a metal cabinet. There is nothing in there that says "bridge plate" in any way, much less expressing the idea of a gap or a bridging of one.

J, whose "bridge the gap" thoughts never got past the conceptual stage
It is marked "Bridge Plate," although it is not legible in the photo. I have other shots where the text is legible, but were rejected for PEQ, which is understandable.

Originally Posted by Freericks View Post
It would be cool to get a shot of that device in use, at an open door.
As much as I wish I could, they are rarely used, and you just have to get lucky.
My photography is not perfect, nor is it even close. I am here for help in improving my skills, not to show off the skills that I don't have
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