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I got one of those this morning too. The picture was taken with a Nikon D600. There was nothing wrong with the sensor. Nor with the lens, which was a nice zoom lens. Nothing wrong with image quality of the image.

Me suspects they like the "Do not resubmit" command that is appended to this rejection as it lets their content farmers know that their cotton shan't be accepted at any point in the future i.e. what else do you have to offer me, I'm not interested in this one? But it seems like an unkindness to the folks who create all the content for this website that the website owners are sending such unhelpful rejection reasons that may lead their content farmers to become concerned abuot camera issues that aren't a problem. I thought the grand bargain here was we provide images for free, work on processing them and taking them etc., while the RP screeners help us get better through rejecting or accepting our free images? Maybe they should make a separate rejection reason like "Image unlikely to be made useful to us through further work on your part." so they could provide feedback like "hue" but also provide the permanent rejection message?

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