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I'm just curious, does anyone have an idea why the Union Pacific gave up on the SD90MAC-H II locomotives ? I've seen several of them in the photo section that are being used by the KCS with the UP markings lined through or removed.

The same can be said for the GE AC6000's. Did the whole idea of attaining 6000 hp in a locomotive and maintaining it prove to be too much of an undertaking ?

I know that the Canadian Pacific has a large number of these SD90MAC-H II in service, just wondering why no American ClassI railroads are using them.
One word: Reliability. The 265H block had a lot problems. I'm sure someone else can go into detail. You'll still see the 9043MACs out because those have the 710G block, which is standard on the SD70M.

I believe another problem they faced with 6000 HP locomotives was poor adhesion. The last thing you need when pulling a heavy train is wheelslip. I'm not sure if this was caused by a primitive wheelslip control system or the locomotive weight.
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