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Default Two pictures, different views.

Two pictures. Same photographer, same camera, same subject, (steam,) taken same time frame: very different view count.

One is static, the other is dynamic. I would have thought the dynamic would get more views.

However, the No. 765 is is very saturated in coverage. And the light is not great. I guess that is the reason for the less than big view count.

I would say then that it is the combination of news worthiness , rarity, color, and most of all great light that makes the one of No. 2124 the winner over the one of No. 765.

Any other ideas of why the difference?

No big deal, just trying to figure what makes people click.

On the other hand, I am very satisfied with the shot of No. 765 because I like it and because three of RP's noted photographers were impressed enough to write. That for me counts for thousand of views.

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