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Yesterday I used my DSLR and my Olympus Stylus 1 side-by-side at the airport. To my eyes, the images they produced are clearly distinguishable from one another, strictly in in terms of image quality. For example, the Stylus 1 images do not hold up well at all with only light cropping. Now, this is no surprise, but the DSLR's sensor is APS-C, and the Stylus 1's is 1/1.7". And this is what I thought they were talking about. Not composition, not exposure, not subject, not shadows, etc. Just image quality. Resolution. Dynamic range.

And if they're not doing it it yet, maybe the time will come when an image from a small sensor will be automatic grounds for rejection, unless perhaps a subject is truly rare or historic, and all you had at the time was an iPhone, or an older digicam with a tiny sensor. Maybe. And that is what they will mean when they say unacceptable image quality. And that is what I thought they were talking about.

Well, at least I learned what a "GEVO" wedgie is...

Thanks guys!


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