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Well, the Z6 would be an excellent upgrade from a D300 as the latter is probably 10 years old now, unless you have the "S" version. But that said, there are some caveats that you will need to consider.

I have 4 Nikon FX cameras: A D750, a D850, a D4 and a Z6. I use them all. I recently purchased the Z6 primarily for use in the night portrait sessions that Pete Lerro often does. The camera is small, it's light and it has in-body stabilization, so every lens is stabilized, not just the ones with VR. Originally, I did not picture using the camera all that much, and I never intended to buy more than one 64 GB memory card. Well, after using the camera for about 4 months now, my approach has really changed. I am finding that I use the Z6 A LOT! Although I do own the native 24-70 f/4S lens, I primarily use the camera with the FTZ adapter and my regular FF glass. The 24-120 f/4G VR is on there most of the time. The AF covers the full frame (unlike a DSLR) and is better than I expected. It might miss once in a while in low light, but for 30 mph steam trains, it is very good. I have the latest firmware with eye AF, and that's also pretty good. Maybe not as good as Sony, but I never had eye AF with any of my DSLRs. The thing also shoots 12 fps, which is better than any camera I own.

  • This camera is small and light and very easy to carry virtually anywhere.
  • AF coverage covers the entire frame. That is just incredibly useful.
  • The EVF shows me the exposure I'm going to get. No need for test shots.
  • The EVF has a built-in level
  • The EVF has a histogram too
  • Because the EVF is adjusted for my eyesight, I can chimp photos without an eye loup
  • The XQD cards are so fast that I never notice a buffer issue
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Z6 has decent weather sealing
  • Low light performance is very good. As good or better than my D4. Better than my D750 and WAY better than a D850. The D850 is not a low-light camera.

  • Unlike a DSLR, the camera is not instantly ready to shoot when you turn the switch on. It takes a second or two.
  • The EVF is great, but not real-time. If you think you're going to single-finger "the moment", you will be disappointed. You need a DSLR for that.
  • Battery life is better than advertised, but if you shoot 1,000 frames a day like I do on a charter, better have a spare battery or two. Chimping also eats up battery life.
  • Nikon has a battery grip for the Z now, but it does not have vertical shooting controls.
  • If you put very heavy lenses on the FTZ adapter, you have to support the lens at all times or you can possibly damage the lens mount. That's true with any camera, however.
  • If you clean your own sensors like I do, it is unclear just yet whether or not you can do that with the Z because of the stablization on the sensor. I believe Nikon does "park" the sensor when the camera is turned off, but before I touch it, I want to see some more authoritative info on this.
  • The Z will not be useful if you have DX glass. It also won't AF with D-series lenses. I have G-series lenses with AF motors, and those all work fine.

Hope that helps. The Z6 is not quite ready to be my ONLY camera, but I find that I am indeed using it MOST of the time.

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