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This thread is several months old, so I apologize in advance if replying to an old thread is frowned on..

Like several others here, I work on a color calibrated monitor. Even so, eyes can adjust to color casts after time, making the cast look "normal." A technique I've been using for years: convert the image to black and white. Glance at the image for a few seconds. Revert back to color. Any color casts or incorrect tint/white balance should be obvious.

Note: If working in Lightroom or ACR, any "color grading" or channel specific tone curve tweaks will also show on the B&W version. It would be necessary to take the image into PS, in that case.

In PS, one could simply desaturate or even use a Gradient Map filter/layer. Set to blend mode "Luminosity", a gradient map can also be used to check/apply contrast.

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