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Originally Posted by br_railphotos View Post
Inconsistency, as well as holding out on further gripes, gets me. On more than one occasion, I've had photos rejected for one thing only to be rejected for another, later. If the screener(s) would list ALL of their gripes right off, it would save the screener(s) and photographers time! I actually wrote the screeners a note about this very thing a few months ago. Obviously, they don't listen to suggestions of lowly peasants.
I understand the frustration of follow up rejections, but I have accepted that the screeners are trying to get through a lot of photos and will only list one reason. My long-standing pet peeve is correcting one or more rejections, only to get slammed with a killer rejection follow up, instead of doling out the killer first. I can endure a rejection, but I don't like spending time and my allotted two-per-day upload slots making corrections when a screener could have made it clear from the beginning that no correction could redeem the image. The sentiment gets elevated to pissing me off when the same killer rejection is being blatantly overlooked on much worse images that are being accepted.
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