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Originally Posted by ATSF666 View Post
I apologize for the misspelling. I don't find anything on the MRL with your name on it in the time period I am discussing, 1988-1992. As I am sure you are aware, anything you upload from the MRL usually gets high honors from the crew here at railpics. All I was trying to say, is that any attempt to upload slides unless your name is _____ or _____ is a waste of time. I'm not trashing your photos as they are consistently outstanding, but I don't see anything from you shot on the MRL from the time period that I shot a lot of photos on the MRL, so how can you be offended?
No offense taken. I just wanted to correct your statement that you “uploaded a couple of MRL shots recently taken well before Dannaman discovered Montana” which is not true. How could you know when I “discovered Montana”?

On the subject at hand, of photo scans—slide scans do get more leniency due to the fact that they are a different medium (film) and quality of scans varies from said images. There’s the rub, as everyone is using different scanners, and many types do not produce very good scans of transparencies.

I’d like to think that the screeners at RailPics do not favor certain photographers, but what surely does enter into their decision making process is the great differences in image quality of the submissions, especially with older scans. Only they see the gamut of photos submitted—and since it is their website—we get to see what is chosen. And sometimes the subject of the photo eclipses the quality, creating imbalances in the selection process, which fostered this thread in the first place.

In my opinion, the posting of other people’s photos (dead or alive) here on RailPics is really not a good idea. A person may have these slides in their collection, but the original photographer still owns the rights to these photos. Additionally, posting scans of dupes is certainly going down a slippery slope, both in image quality and copyright.

Boy, I’ve said enough at this point… just some thoughts on a Friday morning.

Mike Danneman
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