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Those are high sun - not terrible - but not good enough for posting.

Here are two rules to go by that help me.

1) Is your shadow shorter than you, your size, or taller than you? If your shadow is shorter than you, you are in high sun.

2) Where is the railhead shadow on the rail side. If the shadow is halfway or more down the rail, it is high sun.

Now all photography rules are fluid. There are things you can do when the sun is against you (when it is marginally against you that is). You can shoot a tele-mash. You can shoot down from a bridge. You can play with the shadow/highlight tool. But - and this is a big but - if it is 1PM on June 21 and you are out shooting, there's probably nothing you can do. The sun angle will just be too ugly.

If tele-mashing or shooting down from a bridge, I look at the shadow from the rail head and see if I can still see it. If I find a position or a focal length that covers it, then I know I'm at the right angle for that time of day.

As to the shadow/highlights tool - it's only going to work saving a shot that is just over the line. If you try to save a really bad high sun shot you will get a water color painting.
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