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First shot: 30 second makeover in Photoshop Elements (really worth the investment, it's probably like 50 bucks or so at Costco). Played with levels (NOT auto-level adjust, that made it look all greenish-yellow and ugly), added saturation, reduced noise and sharpened a bit. Not saying that it would get in even then as the shadow above the coupler is nasty, but selecting and lightening that shadow more just looks too artificial. Still, the added "pop" of the brightening and especially saturation might put it over the bar:

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Thought about cropping as there's an abundance of featureless sky and foreground but reducing either or both would make you have to cut off the road on the left and I think that, while not necessary to the image, it adds interest. Others may have a different opinion.

The second shot IMO would have a better chance if you had included just enough of the road embankment on the left to use as a cut-off for the train instead of the frame (again as mentioned previously). Looks like you did a crop of the first shot there, just cropped a bit too much.
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