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Originally Posted by Mberry View Post
Really? What reason given?

I have at least one photo with a parked train, I even mentioned that in the caption (not that I imagine those get read much while screening).

Image © Michael Berry
PhotoID: 558623
Photograph © Michael Berry
Mike, my recollection is there is (or was) a rejection code for a parked train, unless I have lost my mind. That, or it is within the "Cloudy day, common power" explanation or somewhere similar. It seems to be one of those which is at the discretion of the screener, because we know there are plenty of images of parked trains on the site. It seems to be a matter of whether the subject is newsworthy/interesting.

I definitely recall people flipping out over a train where the engineer forgot to turn on the headlight because "Railpictures won't accept it if the light isn't on." I haven't heard that in awhile, but I used to.
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