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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Interesting. I wonder, was that because there was no room on the other side of the tracks? I am scratching my head as to why any charter operator worth his/her salt would stage a run-by in a location where there was almost no part of the train with front-lighting. On charters, some people do ELECT to shoot from the dark side (typically with the loco nose lit), but the primary shot is virtually always the bright side, unless the operator is going for some sort of artistic effect.

Was this trip led by a photographer? Usually the goal of a photo charter is to have the participants take home the best possible least if they want repeat business.
Kevin, as far as I could tell there wasn't much room on the other side. And if they did let more than Ms. Boggs over there, then we all would've been clamoring to. It isn't as cleared off as the other side. My suggestion would be to wait till the afternoon to do a run-by here. The only problem is, the trestle is downhill with the engine on a run up the Gorge. So really unless they wanna ride the brakes, it's just a whistle/ smoke run-by.

The next run-by was the better one. I couldn't get a good spot in line, so I decided to take video and it was certainly worth it. A more up-hill location, and the engineer and fireman switched right before it. I know the engineer for this one was Kurt Newman and he definitely doesn't mind letting her sing. I believe the fireman may be Buddy Hooper, who was the engineer on the first run-by.

1702 Run-by

I am happy with what I got here for being on the wrong side. There are some fantastic photos that came from this charter, but most were from chasers.


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