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Originally Posted by ATSF666 View Post
Light on the nose means that the light you see on the side of your locomotive also needs to be at least on half of the front portion the locomotive's nose. Your shot does not have any direct sunlight on the front.

They don't like anything obstructing the locomotive's trucks. It doesn't take much to trigger this rejection.
Ok, see that makes sense. And worded in a way that even a new submitter like myself can use and make sense out of.

I may not agree with the clutter assessment but knowing that is a "vital" flaw in a photo (whether realistic or not) I can use when taking photo's for submission. I dare say there are many places where ground clutter will interfere with the trucks. I guess I'm more worried about seeing the locomotive body than the trucks...but if seeing the trucks is a priority. OK. Lesson learned.

Regarding sunlight, I guess that dusk type photo's will be rejected, as even though the sun was still high enough in the sky, there wasn't enough. The nose is partially lit and the number boards are lit enough to see them clearly. But the rules are the rules.

I can at least make sense out of things now. or Try when taking photo's
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