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Originally Posted by ScottoT View Post
The reply came across as "your s&^t isn't nearly good enough to be seen with my superior photographs". Very elitist instead of giving constructive advise.

And yes I would have preferred hearing "a shrub in front of the plow" will get a photo rejected!! At least that is something tangible that I can understand.

Maybe I am far too simple-minded in my thinking but what makes this photo "poor light". I've seen plenty of photos including some of yours that have been published with glare in windows, or shadows across part of the nose. Just as what you are saying is so horribly wrong with mine. Yours were accepted, mine was not.

I had other photographs submitted and rejected with grey skies, and given this rejection comment: - Lighting (Cloudy): Cloudy day shots of common/standard power, as well as cloudy images of common/standard angles and scenes, are generally not accepted."

As I have said previously, the judgments of photograph submissions seems to vary greatly, and that is causing my confusion as to what is acceptable or not.

I am in no way shape or form suggesting that my photos are suburb but the lines seem to be blurred. When someone new to the site is asking questions about why or's are accepted or rejected.
It sounds like you are not only new to the site, but also relatively new to the hobby. Some of the questions that you are asking have to do with what I would consider "rookie mistakes", and need to be understood and overcome before understanding how to get accepted by RP. Obstructions in front of the lead locomotive is something that I learned to avoid 40 years before I ever submitted a photo to RP. I would not recommend RP as a primary goal while you're in the early learning stage.

Before I ever submitted a photo here, I read a lot of forum posts, including a thread that had over 2000 posts calling out accepted photos. It was basically a continual rant about screener inconsistency, and was eventually deleted by admin. It was, however a great way to see what was considered unacceptable by RP standards.

If you intend to use RP as a learning tool, read the beginner's guide (link below) and some of the forum threads dealing with rejections. My recommendation is to wait until after you have absorbed this material before submitting again. Then go back and look at your own photos with a very critical eye, and only submit photos that have no flaws that you can see. You will still get rejections (we all do), but you will improve your percentages. If you submit photos to simply learn how to take better images, you will find RP and its forums a very frustrating place.

Rule #1 is that criticisms are about your photograph, not about you. If you ask for advice, the people here on the forums will be brutally honest, but honesty will help your photography, as long as you don't let emotions get in the way.

Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post

Chase Gunnoe wrote a helpful guide to what this site likes and doesn't like. I don't recall where it is, but perhaps another member can post the location.
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