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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
A big part of success here is knowing what admin doesn't like- and the list is rather a long one. And since the screeners are human, they are not 100% consistent.

Chase Gunnoe wrote a helpful guide to what this site likes and doesn't like.

BTW, I said nothing about my own photos here. I post them here and on Flickr, and let them "speak" for themselves.
I apologize for taking offense to your first comment and I would like to offer up a most sincere and humble apology.

My intention to get clarification on some of the terms and reasons used by the screeners will be a learning curve, and I took the comments personally instead of using them as an honest critique.

So please miningcamper1. I hope you and others here will give me another opportunity and accept this apology from a humbled beginner.

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