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Question Help With Rejection

This is my first time asking for help on getting an image accepted onto the database (might be the reason I have only had 2 accepted thus far in about 5 years).

I believe the image has the potential to being an acceptable image to RP, but I will leave it to the majority to decide.

The photo got hit for "Bad Cropping". I suspect that the reason was the face of the engine is a hair to close to center, however with the location it was either have the engine there, add more sky, add more dead grass to the bottom, or cut some of the factory out on the left. You can find the image at the following URL:

Please note that I did crop out a fair bit of the image leaving me some wiggle room in the case of such a rejection (I commonly have this rejection, but usually send it straight to RRPA straight after a rejection). I can upload the original to the forum around 8pm eastern time this evening if that might help.

Background - I just recently bought a Canon Digital Rebel XSi with the 18mm-55mm kit lens (used for this photo) and also a 55mm-250mm lens. This was my first outing with the setup. I'm also using Photoshop Elements 7 for my photo preparation.
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