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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
I would not crop from bottom left as that cuts into the interesting background on the left edge, but you can crop up from the bottom with no problems, if you are at 1024 horizontal then you can do 683 vertical instead of the 730 or so that you have. I would take a smidge off the right also and then bring up the bottom a bit further.

And sharpen.
I should be able to crop the bottom and the bit to the right to what you suggested and not have any quality loss at the RP max size limits. I will also try to sharpen it up a bit more as well and see how it looks. I did the USM 100%/0.7/0, save, resize for RP, 50%/0.3/0, save copy for RP, for this photo.

I will have to try that and any other suggestions others might add throughout the day.

Thanks for the input so far. Hopefully you guys can help this n00b get his third RP picture accepted.
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