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Originally Posted by MDH View Post
Re-cropping would definitely help but I'd bet your next reject on this is the "high sun" one...
One thing I don't get (and I have read others express this as well) is why don't the screener give you all the rejection reasons the first time around to save both the photographer time in "attempting" to save an image, and the screeners time in having to "re-reject" the photograph again for another reason. It would seem to be a win-win for both IMHO. I know, you should get it right the first time, but to someone like me that is easier said than done (worth mentioning because I know someone wanted to say that).

None the less, thank you for the feedback.

One question though, what time of day is the most problematic for getting the "High Sun" reject? I believe the image in question was taken somewhere around 3-3:30pm and headed (I maybe wrong) slightly north to the west.
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