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It's not always simple - it depends on time of year, location in the country, etc. For example, I can shoot all day long in January in Ohio but by April or so mid morning until mid to later afternoon is going to be "high sun". It also can depend on the subject matter, angle, composition, etc. as to how much it impacts the photo. For a basic wedgie shot of common power it's a killer. Small train in a big landscape with intersting power, good angle & composition - might not matter at all. Best way to get a sense is to browse accepted shots to see what works. Focus on basic shots first and try to replicate that. Then as you get a better understanding you figure out how/where you can "push the envelope"...
Thank you once again for the reply. I'll go looking for some photographs on RP from around this are and take detailed looks at the shots and examine the EXIF data (if available) and study up for my next outing.
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