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Originally Posted by ns4eva View Post
Done the suggested crop and done a little more sharpening to the image however it got rejected once again. I take these rejections as a hang up the towel on this attempt?

- Horizon Unlevel (Makes no sense when looking at the tops of the building as being level)
- Poor lighting (Was prepared for this to be a possible rejection)
- Composition/Balance (Not sure what they want with this)
unlevel - never level on buildings at the edge of a shot - level on things in the center - I find it useful to "level" on vertical lines, as horizontal lines need not be horizontal for perspective reasons but verticals pretty much need to be vertical

composition - waaaay too much boring foreground, more sky instead

light - well, a problem, RP doesn't like noses in shadow, but if you had a nice composition you would have a chance, i think, maybe not a strong one but a decent one

I guess I'm just wondering what you think the exact reason those were picked for, besides the poor lighting.
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