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Originally Posted by ns4eva View Post
Done the suggested crop and done a little more sharpening to the image however it got rejected once again. I take these rejections as a hang up the towel on this attempt?

- Horizon Unlevel (Makes no sense when looking at the tops of the building as being level)
- Poor lighting (Was prepared for this to be a possible rejection)
- Composition/Balance (Not sure what they want with this)

I guess I'm just wondering what you think the exact reason those were picked for, besides the poor lighting.
JRMDC's already noted this but I'd just further add that the "unlevel" and "comp/balance" are potentially "fixable" but the poor lighting isn't. Keep in mind the screeners also read the forums so maybe it's a hint of the various issues and/or a suggestion to let it go. For levelling, I'd go off that not-quite-vertical smoke stack and for balance crop some off the left & bottom (yeah, you lose the industry you're trying to show but the train wasn't far enough along to make that work). However, that's a moot point due to the poor lighting which will preclude this shot from working. It's a nice shot for your own collection but won't make it here. The lesson though is that it's not far off - you could get a nice shot at that location and have it accepted here but you need better light on the nose (assuming time of day, sun angle and trains will cooperate!) Good luck in the future, but let this particular one go.

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