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Thank you, Chris. I am looking forward to getting some good discussion started on short line and regional railroading here on Forums. People often ask me if there is a really good source on the internet where I get most of my information on short line railroads. The short answer is “no.” While there is plenty of information out there, it is discussed in bits and pieces on a number of sites and discussion groups. It is kind of baffling to me that there’s not a robust discussion of these operations when they outnumber the class 1s nearly 100 to 1!

I recently had the idea to start a discussion forum or blog on my site to attempt to fill this void, and Chris suggested that we partner on this new venture at Forums. I gladly accepted the invitation, and I look forward to growing this forum into THE place where those seeking info or wanting to discuss short line and regional railroads can go for the information they need.

I hope you will all join me in making this forum a success. While I have been to over 200 short line and regional railroads in 41 states (it’s almost like I’m counting!), that isn’t even half of them. Where I haven’t been, many of you have. Where I have been, things have changed since I’ve been. I don’t want this to be my forum where I sit around talking about what I’ve done—I want this to be the forum to host a robust exchange of information on some of the most unique and exciting railroads in the U.S.

Now, let’s get started!

Mike Derrick
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