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What type of vehicle do you have? I have a compact car, a Chevy Aveo, and it made it halfway before I started hearing scraping sounds on the bottom of my chassis. Brand new car on the way to Foley, not a good way to break it in. If you have a truck, or a jeep, or a blazer type vehicle, you'll be fine. It's raining as I speak (I'm an hour in a half from Sandpatch) and will be the next few days, so says WPXI and KDKA. I was there when it rained hard and the road wasn't washed out, just very rutty. Like ruts a foot deep and a few hundred feet long. Very muddy. But, i just looked, you said a few weeks. hahaha. My car made it O.K. but for personal reasons for wanting my car in one piece and scratch free, etc, I gave up. It was overcast and icky anyways, so it wasn't worth me trying more. Need to know what type of car you have to tell you if you'll be fnie or not. i know a few guys who made it up there in regular sedans, but it was summer and dry and the road probably wasnt that bad.

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