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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Not sure it would get it accepted but I would get rid of all the gravel at the bottom below the sign post and crop to the left of the sign, maybe to edge of the building. Then if you had a version of more of the train like the engine up to first support, I'd use that.

Problem the sign, is a little worn out so not that good of a prop. I like anything from Argentina, I guess the national highway is off to the right somewhere?
I have a version where the engine is further to the right, but unfortunately it came out too soft to get accepted here. I will try cropping to the left of the sign. The national highway is a dirt road that goes under the bridge to the right.

Originally Posted by ATSF666 View Post
The bigger problem is you have two subjects, the sign and the train. Generally that doesn't work out well for a photograph. As noted above, the sign is weathered and not a great subject.
Yeah, it was a better shot in my head. There's a hill just to the right of the bridge that would have been a better location to shoot from, but I didn't have time to climb it. I will just save this for my personal collection.

Thanks to both of you for the advice!
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