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Originally Posted by Reinhard View Post
I had a backlit photo these days. An international sleeper coming from Vienna (Austria) and bound for Zurich (Switzerland) took the route over the scenic Upper Allgäu line in southern Germany. The normal way over the Arlberg summit was closed due to (planned) line works. The train had been rerouted for four days only.

As I uploaded this picture, I wrote into the "Comments to Screeners" field: I know this image is backlit. But it is a very rare chance to spot an international sleeper on this scenic route...

And the picture has been accepted!
A beautiful train picture regardless of the reroute and non-electrification. Not really backlit so much as side lit, the side of the train has sun on it only the nose is a bit dark. This is really perfect lighting for scenic photography because the shadows create contrast and texture. This is a good example where the "rules" depend on the subject matter, a similar dark nose might not work so well if this were a roster shot.
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