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I was told it was very likely not operable - the insides being a liability due to possible contaminates - though, not 100% sure. If so, it would be a shame as it would be nice to be able to see it in operation in the future.

Been there, done that - live and learn with the GG1, though even an operable GG1 at this point would not be operable on the NEC due to a change in the electric system.

As for placement - you're likely correct - for now, where else could they put it? It'll likely sit outside with the E-60 and one of the GG1's (which was once indoors with the other).

However - in the future, a lot of the equipment will be moved to a new roundhouse making room for more equipment inside.

It would be nice to see a NEW building, not the roundhouse, but another more modern building house the more modern equipment. The Amtrak stuff.

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