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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Maybe from the other end so the crane is more prominent?

Loyd L.
I am good with the photo also, is unusual and provides detail and don't see PAQ:

However, I was curious enough to type in crane and see what has been accepted.

Static roster shots-
Most are somewhat wider view and also as Loyd suggested from the "cab" end or at least wide enough to provide detail along the whole system.

Also submitted in color.

I am also curious why it was submitted in black and white, I suppose to give that 1940's look? but as a roster shot I don't think we are aiming for artistic but rather presenting information and think although the crane is black, a color view is really what it is roster wise in 2007. Maybe a problem with color view??

Anyway when I google this I found mostly photos of models and learned a little about the company. Also I think this is considered a steam rescue crane?

Bob Jordan
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