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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
That should be a simple question for admin/email BUT I've never received a response/email from them on any question I've ever had. There is always the appeal but then again, I've never won a single one of those either or get a written reason to my appeal. So if it was me, I would moved on. You have more clout on here then me so maybe its worth an appeal explanation....
I won't appeal. I use them sparingly, and almost always for a technical issue (unlevel usually). I have won greater than 50% of my appeals, but not because I have any special clout. This is a resubmission.

QUOTE=Joseph Cermak;196883]Personally, I would try to get a shot with sun on the face of the building, if possible have the standard 3/4 wedge light on the visible face and side.[/quote]

Originally Posted by TedG View Post
It certainly belongs in the database. I would resubmit with the correct caption.

What TOD did you shoot this, Doug? Looks like very late afternoon to me. Since the facade faces NW, I'm not sure the front is ever better lit. Unless you return on the longest days of the year.
Ted is correct. In the late hours of the long days when the sun would possibly come around, there are trees that would most likely be casting a shadow on the NW end of the building. There is no lettering on the SE end.

Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
I have received an incorrect information rejection, this one may never have gotten to that point, but I have also resubmitted a photo with wrong caption which was not the rejection listed, using that correction as an excuse to resubmit the same photo and have had them accepted. But then my appeal rights are revoked so maybe not the best person ....

Thanks, everyone. I'll let you know how I fare.
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