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There have been a couple of eye-grabbing steam shots in the last 24 hrs. One of them looked real and the other one looked very much contrived. One sits at the To24, while the other hasn't yet made the Top 10.

Image © Axel Bozier
PhotoID: 750946
Photograph © Axel Bozier

Image ©
Photograph ©

One got a favorite from me and one didn't, mainly because the latter just didn't look real. A panning shot is probably the easiest type of photo to doctor, because nothing but the subject is expected to be sharp, and therefore, the eyes don't tend to wander off like they might on an image in which there's a lot more in focus.

In general, I'm OK with folks creating Photoshop art, but I'm only OK with it when they disclose that fact to the screeners and the viewership in their caption. I'm not OK with presenting such an image with implication that it was simply a fortuitous capture in which absolutely everything came together magically. As someone else noted, it is one thing to clean up a few wires that don't connect to anything and quite another to create a scene that didn't really happen.

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