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Default Is it possible to salvage a shot like this?

By now, I'm sure you remember my various attempts at getting shots in of a pair of Albany and Eastern B40-8s leading a northbound train on the Coos Bay Rail Line (not Link anymore as of 2018`), and the various flaws said shots have had. However, there's a few that I've yet to post, and this is one of them - northbound at Hauser siding, and... it could've been the best in the sequence, save one critical issue - raindrops were on the camera lens, causing what you see here. I've long assumed this frame to be unfixable, but... I'm not sure. So, I'm putting it here.
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Who knows... maybe editing miracles are possible? I have my doubts, but... here goes nothing.
Believe it or not, I do try.
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