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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Cloudy? On a foggy day - that's crazy. Maybe you can wait and reshoot on a sunny foggy day?

Rejections as such can be quite frustrating!

I would side with Miningcamper on his thoughts - a more accurate rejection might have been "low /poor contrast". Then again, that is typically what you get shooting through dense fog. I like the shot - I'd go the route of Miningcamper, but perhaps cut and paste a copy and then blend accordingly. Or selectively, to suit what your eyes saw with the apparent obligatory tweak to make it perhaps more aesthetically appealing.

Fog shots can be tricky - I put together an album on RP for reference:

Nice album to put together.

First thing I thought was to recrop to 1200 x 800 instead of 900 or even a little less, and that is reinforced looking at the album. too much grey sky??
If the original had more width, I recrop with more horizontal.

Album aside looking at daily fare, fog shots are not that common, either not submitted or members found out they are a harder take.

There is a little something going on with headlights???, I still like the shots, the way the train fades into background.


and you passed by one of mine, smile, not a lot of views anyway

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