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Originally Posted by TedG View Post
Yep, the workaround I posted on 11/10/20 will handle the immediate need when you're submitting a photo. However, it doesn't do anything for the state of the User Photo Map on your personal profile page, which remains in shambles.
Interestingly enough, if you go to your profile page, scroll to the map and let it sit for a while, the pins do come up and you can click on them and see the photos. The map still has "For Development Purposes Only" plastered all over it, but it does work.....sort of .

Yeah, unfortunately, the site does need a little attention. I'm thinking that Google Maps made some sort of change and that has resulted in a need to overhaul the site code to properly shake hands with it. I suspect that Admin probably looked at it and realized it wasn't going to be a 10 minute fix, so it's on the to-do list. These folks have day-jobs that command their priorities, just like many of us.

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