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Originally Posted by xBNSFer View Post
C'mon Doug, was that little dig really called for? If you go back to the top of this thread and read all of my responses, I haven't said a thing about the RP screeners in this discussion. Not a one.

I have no pics on RP because I choose not to. You can see my pics here, if you're interested:

Just trying to be helpful to the OP.
It wasn't intended as a dig, but I do not understand comments about the screeners with no basis of experience. For the record you did comment in another thread within minutes of a post here, and I should have replied in that thread.

Originally Posted by xBNSFer View Post

I can't stand the narrow-minded view of this site's "screeners," so I just don't bother.
Doug Lilly

My RP Pics are HERE.

I've now got a Flickr. account, too.
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