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Originally Posted by RCH022 View Post
Pop out the SD card into a reader that plugs directly to iPhone, as far as I know yes the full size image is uploaded. Half of my issue I believe is trying to edit on an iPhone screen, because I see minimal quality difference from my picture compared to others from that same location. My wife does have an iPad so I can use that to edit from here on out. Thank you guys for the quick and detailed replies!

Hmmm. Just a suggestion..... I would not upload anything else to RP until you get a decent screen and some software on which to edit. On something as small as an iPhone screen, you're not going to be able to see enough detail to be sure the image quality is good. And honestly, the image quality in that shot we've been discussing is BAD. That's why I've recommended you put that one aside. RP is not the place to experiment with a "Rube Goldberg" process. Your time here could easily be over before you ever get it figured out. You need the right tools. The tools don't have to be expensive, but they need at least some minimal capability to be successful.

Issues like the ones this image has can be caused by a variety of things, including post-processing issues such as resizing. But again, before we address that, let's make sure the camera and lens are functioning properly.....and that you are using them properly. Again, take some pictures around your home under controlled conditions. Shooting a page with good, contrasty text on it is best, because it makes it easy for you to recognize whether or not the image is sharp. Shoot in good light, so you can use a high shutter speed, a low ISO (200 is perfect), and a decent aperture of 5.6 to 8. If you don't have a decent computer screen on which to edit, you can still examine your images on the camera's LCD. After you take the shot, and the image is visible on the LCD, look for the "+" button on the back of the camera. That will "zoom" in on the image. Press that button until it won't zoom any more. That's 100% magnification. Use the joystick to pan and scroll. Look at the borders of the text. If it has a solid, sharp edge, that's good. If not, we still have some detective work to do.

What lens are you using? Hopefully, a G-series lens. I don't think the D3000 has the AF drive for the D-series lenses. Have you made sure that all of the switches on the left side of that lens are in the correct positions?

As others have said, if you are shooting JPEG, always make sure you using LARGE and FINE. None of the other JPEG settings are good for any serious work. Don't use them.

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