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I like the original though I wonder how it compares to what your eyes saw? Your photo likely looks "better" than real life which depending on how much an exaggeration there is, can be perfectly acceptable.

I like to use "Auto - contrast, tone, and color" just to proof my final rendition. Sometimes that will tell you if you strayed to far off from reality. In this case, auto tone added some contrast, removed some saturation but mostly got rid of the neon greenish grass in the foreground, took some yellow cast out and added some brown to the foreground. Not all of that was appealing, however.

Photoshop has a "fade last action" menu item with a slider, or you can paste the before over the after and blend accordingly. Or... you can selectively adjust what you don't like and keep what you do like. Another Photoshop option is "selective color" so you can adjust say, just the yellows in the grass. Or use a desaturation brush as needed.

In short - check out the "auto" options as a proof, and then blend back or edit *only* the offending issues (say, a dark shadow, for instance - they are always darker then they look, aren't they?)

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